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Obesity Undone is weight loss and fitness uncomplicated.

So, are you ready to not only drop weight but get fit?

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 Don't live another day 
overweight & out of shape! Undo obesity & start living the BETTER LIFE TODAY!

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Physical Culturist/Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Leonardi has earned degrees from The University of the State of New York and New York Chiropractic College. He has been in private practice since 1997. In addition to his practice Dr. Leonardi has been an adjunct faculty member at local colleges and schools teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. He has been the team Chiropractor for various professional and semi-professional sports teams in and around the Wyoming Valley of Northeast Pennsylvania. Dr. Leonardi utilized his education and experience to put together an eating and exercise program to drop his weight from on obese 340 pounds to a fit 210 pounds. He has appeared on television, radio and internet programing discussing obesity related topics. He is now ready to help others live a life beyond obesity.  

ON March 1, 2008 the scale read 340 pounds.
  On March 6, 2009 the scale read and still reads  210 POUNDS!

I did not just lose weight. I remodeled my physique. I designed an eating plan and exercise routine to shed fat and tone my rotund pear shaped body into a genuine physique.

No Drugs! No Surgery! No Gimmicks

Just old school

Desire! Determination! Discipline! 

Weight-loss is a side effect of fitness!

Life is better when:

FAT was THEN and FIT is NOW!

Remodel your physique  and figure today!

Contact Joe one of the following ways:

Phone: (570) 760-6121


Old fashioned snail mail:
18 Pierce Street --- Suite 202
Kingston, PA 18704

**Services DO NOT include a medical or chiropractic evaluation.

Prior to starting this or any program it is strongly recommended

that you receive a complete medical evaluation from a medical professional.

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